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199KW Biomass Boiler - Whitton Hall, Westbury

Wood chip system providing heat and hot water to a dairy and guest house.

Tom Halliday of Whitton Hall, Westbury enlisted the services of Geogen Technologies Ltd in January 2014 to install a 199kw wood chip biomass system to help with the high heating and hot water demands of their dairy and guest house. Mr Halliday, who milks a herd of 500 jersey cattle took the decision to protect himself against ever increasing energy costs associated with the day to day running of his dairy farm. The investment in a wood chip biomass boiler will offer savings on energy costs whilst also generating an additonal income stream for the business.

Geogen managed the project from start to finish, this included the groundworks, installation of 350m of underground pipe, building works in the plant room and installed and commissioned the boiler.

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