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Freeloader - Solar Battery Pack

This solar powered battery bank delivers class leading charging performance - providing a full day's charge for all your electronic gadgets

This portable, electronic gadget charger is a class leading product which can provide a full days charge to your devices. It has an all weather solar cell that's up to 50% more efficient than it's competitors making it the perfect companion for your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player and camera thanks to its integrated charging arms and USB socket.

This a rugged product made from quality materials and designed for real world use with a practical strap allowing it to be securely fixed to any bag. In built Lightning and Micro USB connectors enable connection without cables and tips and allows 2 devices to be powered at the same time.

  • Power by solar or USB
  • Fully charge a smartphone 3x
  • Includes a impact and water resistant case
  • A charging power rating of 4000mAh

H:137mm x W:25mm x D:76mm
Weight with case:  240g

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