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How Biomass Works 


Biomass is organic matter.  The CO2 released when energy is generated from biomass is balanced by that absorbed during the fuel’s production. This is why it is considered to be a carbon neutral process.

                             An Example of a Wood Chip Biomass System
Biomass System

Wood fuelled heating systems generally burn wood pellets, chips or logs to power central heating and hot water boilers. Doing so in an encloser, in which the airflow is restricted, will be far more efficient than burning it in the open. This encloser can be used to provide heat for the room it stands in or by heating water and pumping it through pipes, it can provide heat to several rooms, and/or for hot water.                                                           

Log Stoves and Boilers
Log Stoves are considerably more fuel efficient than open fires, and can be found in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes and designs. If you are keen to heat your house with woodfuel then this is properly the best option. Log Fired Boilers are a logical step up from stoves. They range from systems designed for hot air space heating to boilers designed to run domestic heating and hot water. 

Pellet Stoves and Boilers
Pellet stoves are available in a range of sizes from small room heaters to larger units incorporating a boiler able to supply heat to a few radiators or domestic hot water systems. They usually have an integrated fuel hopper which is filled from a bag. Pellet stoves are available from room heaters of 2kW up to around 12kW. Pellet Boilers are available from around 15kW upwards. They are available with either a built in hopper, filled manually from bags, or with a separate bulk storage hopper. The latter allows pellets to be delivered by tanker, down a long pipe. Buying in bulk is also cheaper, provided a minimum order size can be achieved.            

Chip Boilers
Since wood chips require less processing than pellets and less manual handling than logs, they can be an extremely energy efficient use of biomass. Country estates, farms and other sites where there is woodland near to the point of end use are particularly well suited to wood chip systems. Chip Boilers are available from 40Kw upwards.                                                                                                                                                          

District Heating
A typical district heating installation consists of a highly insulated "heat main" of flow and return pipes distributing hot water past all buildings which might be connected. A junction point allows easy connection to each building, from which hot water can be taken from the main to a heat exchanger within each building. The heating circuit within the building is isolated from the heat main. Temperature measurement of the flow and return lines, plus a flow meter allows the actual heat usage within each building to be separately measured.