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The Benefits of Solar PV 

Get a return on investment of approximately 10% or higher
Savings and earnings can represent a return on investment of approximately 10%, creating an additional, guaranteed revenue stream

The feed in tariff is index linked and guaranteed for the next 20 years
This means the investment is inflation proof. The feed in tariff you get will go up at the same rate as inflation

Save money by producing your own electricity
Every KW produced by your system is yours to use for free

Invest with confidence in a panel that will last
Solar projects are a 20 year plus investment which will generate you payments every year. Invest your money wisely in a quality panel with the longest performance warranty on the market.

Get paid for every KW of electricity you produce
You get paid a guaranteed feed in tariff for every KW of electricity you produce whether you use it or not

Reduce your carbon foot print
Power produced by a solar pv system is free, clean electricity that produces no greenhouse gases

To find out more on the Government Feed in Tariff scheme please visit the link below: